Everyday we are greeted by either new or old faces. The individuals we meet in our everday lives come with the agenda of a reason why they choose to speak to us. We start of with the regular speech of saying hello/hi/hey and then are automatically enabled to ask how the person is. The real question is, do we really care? 
We are all taught to respect the surroundings and the people around us. From a early age we start to develop feelings which we continue to carry with us through out the rest of our lives. As we grow older, we become wiser and more aware of what we say. However has this changed the way we were supposed to be or naturally feel. Mankind has developed so much overtime that a notion has come to note. Can someone really hear/see something and feel adamant to the cause or are we forced to react in away which we truly do not feel. An example which is common all the time in the media is; a death which has taken the lives of some people. No matter how tragic the incident may be, we automatically feel a sense of sadnesses towards the innocents who have lost their lives. But we as the audience who did not even know the victims, are tugged by our heart strings to comment on something that has no effect on us at all.
The honest truth is, if we aren’t affected by the news we see or hear, then the fact is do we really need to care. We live each day by a rule book of asking or answering questions that are designed to please the opponent or viewer. Real care is provoked by a cause which will have an effect on our lives, where we live and the people that are the closest to us. 

“The facts of living”
 With love – M