Mental illness should not be talked about.

This is the statement I said to my 10 year old sister. Her response, “Why?”.

Why is there still a stigma attached to mental health when there are over 450 million people around this world who are suffering with a mental illness. A figure which grows every second I type.

Did you know that Anxiety and Depression are the top forms of mental illness? Every 1 in 4 people will be affected by a mental illness at some stage in their life.

After countless research I was made aware that people do not report their illness to anyone, as they are afraid of being socially isolated or discriminated by the people around them. They are so fearful that if they tell someone, they will either be sent to a hospital to be examined or be locked away in a psychiatric unit.

From my research I discovered that the search I made under, “psychiatric units in the UK” matched the search of “mental health facilities in the UK”. Apart from a few residential care homes and organisations which provide care for those suffering with mental health, there  were hardly any facilities which let the sufferers wishes be heard.

Is being taken away from their homes & given drugs a way of treatment?

How about the concept of creating mental health facilities which offer support and give the user a whole range of natural treatments. One to one sessions with professionals, a chance to speak to other sufferers of mental health and to be given  the opportunity to have their opinions heard.

This “mainstream society” we are said to live in, is a false image if we are unable to help the people we share this world with.

#NationalMentalHealthDay should not be a one day trend. It should be a fixed point in everyday that follows. We should freely be able to talk about mental illness.  People who are suffering silently should be able to open up about their mental illness not hide it away.

*I suffer with anxiety. I’m still the same person before you found out I had a mental disorder. – Keep that in mind.