Every story comes to an end. In life, a chapter ending is a milestone one has experienced and overcome. But when it’s a painful experience nothing is more warming then the concept of turning one’s back on the individual they once used to be. 

For instance, losing someone may encourage one to oppose those who offer their support and condolences. They devour the notion, that if they can recreate themselves, then the new person they have become will allow them to forget the person they once were. 

That monumental change, will feel in that moment as the right and exhilarating alteration one can make to their stance on life. I am no expert and having lived it, I do believe each and every individual has a right to react to a situation that has impacted them in their own way.

Saying goodbye or accepting change is a milestone in it self. I am currently in the process of preparing for my A-Level college exams in which I will be sitting next year. Alongside this, I will be preparing to say goodbye to college (quite ironic to be actually writing this out as this time last year I had just begun my first year at college – as well as having been a mention in my first blog ever posted). 

The highs and lows of college life, finding yourself and being able to meet such captivating, life long friends is a experience which I will always be thankful for. 

Even through the negativity and heart break, you are able to shape a understanding of the decisions you make and how you choose to go ahead with them. It’s never easy and never will it be easy, to leave a place which has contributed heavily in the person you are today. 

The next few months of my life are going to be life changing. It will either make or (never break) alter the path my life is set to follow. Saying goodbye, doesn’t have to be a mudane situation. When the day comes you can turn your back, walking out thinking about the achievements and happy memories you made during your time at that place or with that person. 

One day we will all look back at that chapter in our life and it may bring a smile to our faces because of the awareness of how we handled the situation. 

Live for the moment but also take a second to think about your future. The experiences we make now will one day confront us in the future. Staying true to yourself is an accolade. 

Say goodbye with your head held high, remembering that moment in life will one day be a memory to look back on. 

– Love M