Each year we are pressurised with the concept that we should recreate ourselves all because of the start of a new year. But why? Unless you yourself are adamant to reinvent yourself, then why not just stick to the person you had been just before the year came to an end. 

No person is perfect. The mistakes you make, are mistakes you learn from. The word “perfect” is questionable in itself. There is no image of perfection, it’s just what a individual claims something or someone is, due their own personal perception or because of the response from a number of people.Each individual is different. If we follow one another, we become “sheep”, all after one goal. 

The uniqueness of each individual is a beauty one should appreciate. Wanting to change ourselves should be one’s decision not because of the influence and input of others. If you are happy with the person you have been through out that year, then keep being that person. Don’t feel forced to change, be true to yourself. 

If anything, better yourself. By sticking to the person you are, you can grow and learn more about yourself and those around you by embracing the moments’ the new year throws at you.

“New Year, New Me” is a cliche in itself. “New Year, Same Me”… is a cliche that goes against the trend. Keep that in mind. 

– Love M