So quite recently I was having a conversation with my sister. Everything was going great until… out of nowhere she complains she feels fat. My sister is 10 YEARS OLD!

I’m not just saying this because she’s my sister but she is the HEALTHIEST weight she can be for someone her age and height. I was so stunned by this random outburst that I was seriously left speechless for a good couple of minutes. 

I’m not going to sit here and just blame the media and their presentation of women, but I’m gonna blame myself too. I am a factor of my sister even having that thought run through her mind. I’ve never been happy with my body and I’ve never been afraid to say how I feel about it out loud.

However, people throughout my life have complimented me for being “skinny”. To some this may sound like a compliment but to me it doesn’t quite ring a congratulations for being healthy. I have been classed as “underweight” my entire life. Alongside that I’ve been unable to gain weight or maintain a healthy number. I am a food lover and practically eat everything (apart from sea food). 

I can hold my hands up and say I have never stepped foot in a gym. Quite recently however, running has become one of my favourite work outs. Alongside this I have been watching (ish) what I eat. Protein is a MUST. Not only is it pumping blood through my veins but it’s also levelling out my anaemia. 

Being skinny shouldn’t be a goal. Being healthy is key to helping you both  physically and mentally. I wish I could take my own advice at times and look at myself in the mirror and be happy at the reflection that looks back. The changes I’ve made to my health routine should one day alter the way I see my body. But for now it’s the effort I put in, that will make a difference.

“Body Confidence” just like most things in life comes gradually. Don’t long for it to come…

“Work Hard, Play Hard”….. make that a motto to stick to. 

– Love M