Once again heart broken over this attack in Manchester last night. So many young and innocent lives have been lost from another man-made disaster. 

It disgusts me how people are more concerned over whether Ariana will cancel the rest of her tour rather than the welfare of those who are currently critically injured and those who have lost their lives. Ariana herself is human just likes those who attended her concert, however there is no justification for people to treat one’s life highly than the other. 

Additionally, individuals have no right to catergorise certain people in the same manner. We should be standing together not pushing people away based on the colour of their skin.

There are still people missing from this attack. The Manchester police have issued a number (0800 096 0095) to help those struggling to get in contact with loved ones who attended the concert last night. 

Many children under the age of 16 are currently in critical condition. Thankfully over 60 ambulances acted effectively and efficiently to get to the scene of last night’s attack and were able to provide the best care to those who required it. I applaud their bravery and stealth as well as  Manchester’s police force for acting professionally and getting people to safety. 

The many beautiful, innocent and young lives that were lost in last night’s attack will forever be in our memory. We should be moving forward, by standing arm in arm and making those who have lost their lives proud through our unification. We will keep living for them & strive to not let these worthless, repulsive and pathetic cretins destroy the humanity we have left. 

Gone but never to be forgotten – Manchester: 23/05/17 đŸ’›