It’s been too long since the last post, so firstly I would like to apologise for that. I am truly sorry.

The past two month have consisted of results, goodbyes and changes. It’s been pretty eventful.

August 17th bought news I did not think I would ever receive. “Congratulations from the University of Lincoln, you have met the conditions of your offer… see you in September!”. Yep! I passed my A-Levels and got into my firm choice. The endless days of revision and anti social departures to my room had paid off.

August 18th – September 16th was a time of accepting the reality that I was moving away from home. Away from my safe haven (my bedroom), away from my family and my friends, away from everything I had grown accustomed to during the past 18 years. Most of the weeks were spent buying necessities for my new life in Lincoln; Food (mainly pasta), cleaning supplies, clothing and decoratives to make my studio feel more homely. Talking of studio, finding an accommodation was difficult. Firstly, I had no idea what I wanted, all I was adamant about was wanting a room with my own en-suite. I had shared a bathroom for too long, having my own shower, was something I believed I deserved. Hundreds of searches and emails later, I found a place which my parents and I were happy with. Price aside, my parents wanted me to be comfortable with the place I would be living in and coming “home” to for the next year of my life. After several deep discussions, we decided this was the place for me. It took a few weeks for my accommodation to confirm my room. I found out a week before I was set to move in, so I didn’t really have much time to go and view my accommodation or Lincoln as I had so much planned before the move. Thankfully however, everything worked out.

September 16th came faster than expected. The night before I had been crying my eyes out, laughing hysterically and checking if I had everything I needed for the move to Lincoln. It didn’t help that my dad had work the next day, so I would only be seeing him the night before my move. Months of crying, which had been building up inside, finally overpowered my stubbornness and out came the tears. I was a mess for sure, but I was able to take back control before I passed out. Moving day consisted of bringing everything to the car, arguing over packing too much, vlogging my move & saying goodbye to my home town. The journey was pretty decent, however, being in a stuffed car for over two hours, is serious torture for the backside. When we finally arrived, the rain started. Slight pathetic fallacy there, my heart was beginning to sink knowing I would soon have to say goodbye to my mum and my sister, all of sudden the rain begins to crash down, coincidence much? Or typical, it is Britain after all. Once we had managed to get everything out of the car up to my room and I began to feel settled, it was time to say goodbye. My sister started crying first, whilst my mum put on a brave face, she knew if she started crying I would not be able to say goodbye. But everything worked out and after a night of feeling very homesick, I over came it.

September 22nd I turned 19. This was my first birthday away from home and I can honestly say it was epic. The day started with meeting up with all my friends (friends I had made through a lincoln groupchat) to go shopping and get lunch. The day later progressed to going to a fun house (not my plan – but a plan I was later thankful for) and it was pretty fun, thanks guys! The foam party had to be the highlight of the evening. Who else has the opportunity to go to a foam party on their birthday? It was quite an experience. Their were more events I was able to get into alongside freshers/ society fair; a welcome event, a beach party, a comedy night, open mic night and propaganda (an event hosted by our university) where my childhood crush Charlie Simpson from Busted turned up to perform! One of the best nights of Freshers Week!

The week beginning 25th mainly consisted of recovering from freshers flu (IT IS REAL BEWARE) and going to lectures and seminars. I’m not going to lie, they are really interesting and I’m loving my course already but when you have a really irritating cough, the fun seriously gets taken out of the subject. So touch wood, I get over this flu before the start of next week.

Overall however, I’m loving my time here at the University of Lincoln. I survived Freshers Week, made true friends and I’m loving this city and it’s electric atmosphere. Here’s to the next three years! X