I’m going to throw a notion at you, we are paying £27,000 plus for this uni experience, money coming out of our own pockets and money we have been forced to borrow off the government, with this being the case why not make the most of this situation by joining societies?

Enrolling into societies enhances the uni experience, allowing you to make friends and gain a respectable CV. At the University of Lincoln, students are presented with a fine list of societies, from forensic criminology groups to a very intriguing Harry Potter society. Yes! A Harry Potter Society! How damn wonderful!

If you are studying one course, like myself, I would highly recommend that you join a society. It prevents you from isolating yourself in your bedroom and and helps to boost your confidence when socialising with other like minded people.

When building a CV employers want to see your personality shine through. If you are applying for a job at your student bar for instance, joining a food or music society will enable them to see you in a creative light. If you are interested in business and your course is business orientated then why not join the “Banking, Investment and Trading” society? This illustrates to employers your enthusiasm to be part of the business field. It also creates a positive perspective on your behalf as it will show them how dedicated you are in succeeding in your chosen career.

Whether it be course related or hobby related, there is no reason not to join a society. My course is journalism based however, I have already decided to join the Film Making society as I have a keen interest in videography. I guess as a journalist, documenting is part of film making, so in that case I’m doing an additional “course” that is contributing to my journalism course as well as my own personal skills in film making.

Joining a society that is course related is an excellent addition to your CV as employers will be able to see your efforts as a creative spark whilst also admiring your drive to be successful in the field you are studying.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t be pressurised in joining a society. These are just my personal beliefs in joining societies and how they can help to boost your CV and communication skills. It’s your life, your uni experience and your decision, do what makes you feel comfortable but also make the most of them three years as they are the best years of your life.. and you are paying a considerable amount of money for. Goodluck Guys!